5 Ways To Practise Self-care As Busy Moms

Being a mom is no easy feat. Whether you’re a full-time mom or juggling motherly responsibilities with a day job, at any point in time you’re probably scrambling to complete to check off a long list of tasks from your list. Pouring your heart out for your children and wrecking your brain for work can be incredibly overwhelming. It is normal to feel stressed and burned out after months and years of mothering. However, mothering responsibilities don't get easier over the months and years, there seems to be no time to afford to solve your stress. In times like this, finding a quick and efficient way to practise self-care and destress is so important. If you’re a busy mother, here’s a few 60-second routines that can help you be grounded and strong amid the craziness of motherhood. shutterstock_1381469819.jpg

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1. Visualization technique

The first routine that can help ease your frustration and stress is through regulated breathing and visualizing yourself in a peaceful setting. You may begin by closing your eyes and taking deep, slow controlled breaths, and utilizing your touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing imagining yourself in a comfortable and relaxing setting, say a beautiful beach or at the peak of a scenic mountain. By doing so, it allows your relaxation response to kick in. Make sure you try to focus on all 5 senses to make this exercise effective! This is a perfect way for stressed moms to gain control of their emotions and regain clarity in their thoughts during an overwhelming period. 

2. Treat yourself to some self-care time

Allocating some time for a skin-care regimen can be a real mood booster and it's an excellent way to work on self-care. Setting aside a time before the day starts and right after it to care for one’s hair, skin and nails can help mothers feel confident and happy in their own skin. Who doesn’t love to feel beautiful after all! An occasional manicure might just do the trick in taking your mind off your problems while improving your mood for the day!

3. Ensure you’re getting the best nutrition

This might not be the first time you hear this, but when you're occupied with feeding your growing children with the most nutritious meals and sending them around for their classes, along with a bunch of to-dos at the back of your head, it's easy to forget about the basic necessity of having nutritious meals. It’s not a common sight to see moms finish off whatever's left of their children meal! As the main pillar of families, mothers not only need to fuel themselves with the best nutrition, they need to start prioritizing their diets, because they deserve it! Instead of waiting for your gastric to hit you in the late afternoon, take 5 minutes each morning and afternoon to have a complete meal. You’ll realize how much more energized and happier you’ll feel!

4. Put your legs up the wall exercise

This sounds a little odd, but putting up your legs on the wall and focusing on your breathing can help to calm you down. Here’s how to do it: Lie with your back on the floor, raise both legs in the air and rest them against the wall. Set your timer for 60 seconds, and in that position, focus on your breathing. Studies show that this position may help alleviate stress and reduce your headaches and lower backaches and ultimately calm your mind. 

5. Do this chest opener.

If you're breastfeeding your baby or carrying him or her around, it is easy to get neck and shoulder aches from all the hours of handling them! Try this simple exercise to relieve tension from your shoulders and neck!  First, sit on an elevated surface like a chair. Place your hands under your behind your bum, with your fingers pointing backwards. Once you’re in that position, roll your shoulders back and lift up your chin follow but your chest upwards to the ceiling. Now take a deep breath, and you might feel a release of tension. 




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