Best Functional Exercises For a Full Body Workout

Functional exercises can help you face the daily physically demanding activities in life. And to add to that, they don't need any fancy equipment to begin with! Here are some of the best functional exercises you can do from the comfort of your home.

Functional Exercise


Functional exercises typically include compound exercises that fire-up sets of muscles just like how you would use them in your daily activities. Adding these exercises to your routine makes you all set to face the physical challenges of today’s world. Today we’ll talk about some of the best and easy to do functional exercises for a full body workout.



This exercise is a great all-rounder. It works your glutes, abdominals, hamstrings, and quads. Strengthening these muscles can really strengthen your core and boost your mobility. Squats are one of the healthiest exercises as they provide a range of benefits which includes burning calories and reducing the risk of knee injury.



Lunges are similar to squats but since they use one leg at a time they engage other muscles to help stabilize your body. Lunges are similar to walking or climbing stairs. Some people have gone as far as replacing lunges and squats with stair climbing! The effects are mostly the same so doing any of these will definitely improve your endurance and lower body strength.


Push up

While squats and lunges work your lower body, push ups work on strengthening your upper body. Push-ups target your triceps, shoulder, chest, and abdominal muscles. Strengthening these muscles can really come in handy during your daily activities. Just like squats, this exercise is another great allrounder that targets many muscles.

Mastering functional exercises

Always start slow and make sure you get your form right to avoid injuries. Your personal trainer can help with fine-tuning your form. Once you’ve mastered these exercises you can then move on to adding weights to make them more challenging.

The seven main movements of the body are push, pull, squat, lunge, hinge, gait and rotation. For a full-body functional workout routine, you’ll have to target each of these movements after mastering the basics. Other great exercises you can try out after building a solid core include deadlifts, overhead presses, and pull-ups.

Sticking to a functional exercise routine will show noticeable changes in your mobility and ability to easily perform daily physical tasks. These range from holding your baby, picking up groceries, climbing endless stairs, and basically whatever life has to throw at you!



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