Best Sex Positions After Having A Baby

The birth of a child is an incredibly life-changing period for mothers. During this transformative period, it can be immensely exciting as it is exhausting to all mothers. So many changes around you. All of a sudden your life revolves around your little one, you devote your priorities, accommodate your sleep schedule, and take on new responsibilities as a mother for your baby. And of course, your sex life will inadvertently change too.shutterstock_1213549627.jpg

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If you're a new mother, you might be scared of resuming sexual activity. After all, you just popped a baby out of you! Pregnancy causes your body to undergo bodily and hormonal changes, and that can stifle a woman's desire to have sex. Considering the post-partum recovering period, it probably would have been a long time you engaged in the act too. Getting back in the sheets might not be the easiest, but with time and patience, it's definitely possible! Here are four of the best post-partum sex positions you can try with your partner, that may help the both of you to ease back into your sex life!



Performing any position that involves you being on top such as the cow-girl or the reverse missionary, gives you control over the insertion, depth speed and clitoral stimulation, This allows you comfortably go at your own pace, and ease back into activity without fear of pain or over-sensitivity



Being on top may sometimes be exhausting, especially when you’re experiencing postpartum fatigue and soreness. Any position where your partner is behind can help you take a break from it! Some include doggy-style, the happy scissors, bent over a counter, the frisky flip. However, it is important to take note that if you have perineum tearing, these positions may cause discomfort.



A closely intimate position like spooning can help the two focus on each other rather than the sex itself. This is especially if you feel self-conscious by the changes to your body right after pregnancy.  Penetration is also shallow too, allowing your partner to take it easier on your vagina. 



Lastly, the old but reliable position, the missionary, is a safe bet you can try for postpartum love-making. Its face-to-face position is incredibly intimate and allows for clitoral rubbing. This can allow you to achieve orgasms with normal-depth penetration.


The Bottom Line

No matter what position you choose, trying to get back in the sheets with your partner is a healthy step to take right after the postpartum recovery period. With a new life to take care of and motherly responsibilities, this period can be overwhelming. So take it at your own pace! Don’t feel guilty about blocking a part of your schedule for some intimate time. This will not only be fun, but essential in forging an intimate bond with your partner.




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