Boost Your Immunity With K Culture


You can finally say you’re adulting, but instead of celebrating the beginning of your career you’re grappling with a slowing economy and facing a recession after graduating from universities or polytechnics. There are longer waits to find the right job for yourself as companies announce hiring freezes. Coupled with family or peer pressure to start earning an income, this can be an extremely stressful and emotionally draining time.

The fix might be a Netflix and binge session. But if you eat right instead, you can find more effective mood and immunity boosters. 

K culture has the answers — but it only has a little to do with Korean pop bands. Fermented foods, like Kimchi, supply probiotics, which help with gut health and improved serotonin levels — natural mood enhancers in the body.

Yogurt, especially plain Greek yogurt, has been a traditional go-to option for probiotics. But there are other “Ks” that have gained popularity for their gut benefits — they are probiotic drinks, kefir and kombucha. These are easily available off supermarket shelves. If you can squeeze in the time, there are tons of online resources to learn to make these fermented drinks at home.

Not all fermented foods supply probiotics though. Don’t expect to improve your gut health through bread, beer or wine.

Other foods that help with mood and immunity: oats, berries, beans and lentils.



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