Energy-Sustaining Foods For Your Day-To-Day


As early- to mid-career women, you’re gunning for the next promotion or being groomed for leadership positions. At the same time, you’re coping with the mounting business challenges that have come with this pandemic. 

On top of all of that, young mums are dealing with the pressures of raising young children, while thinking about parents who may be retiring or are entering their silver years.

As you’re being pulled in several directions at one go, what you need right now is to maintain your energy levels. You need foods that can provide a sustained release of energy, especially complex carbs that take a longer time to digest.

One of the most undervalued foods to get you going in times like these is the humble banana. A good source for vitamin B6, potassium, complex carbs and fibre, the banana, when digested, allows sugar to be absorbed slowly into the bloodstream. This provides a sustained delivery of energy, instead of energy spikes, which will also help to stabilise your mood and stress levels. Not all sugars are bad for you, as a diet completely devoid of sugar can cause irritability.

Foods rich in vitamin B6, such as poultry, soybeans and oats, are also known to help with the release of “happy” chemicals dopamine and serotonin. The other way to increase levels of dopamine is to exercise regularly. 

Other foods that help with stable energy levels: sweet potatoes, brown rice and eggs.



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