Is Work Stress Straining Your Relationship

As much as we don't like them to, work stress and burnout can seep into our private lives. But are they to blame for straining your relationship?shutterstock_1731378946.jpg

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It’s all too often that we’ve heard the saying ‘separate work life and personal life’. As much as we’d like to do so, it may feel almost impossible when we’re flooded with work 80% of the week, and the 20% is left to deal with personal problems. When being overwhelmed with work life, it is easy for the negative energy of work stress to seep into the confines of your personal life - and your partner would be the first to experience its wrath. When you’ve been drained to the core by work-life, mustering the energy to connect with your partner, let alone feel the same spark you once had may feel impossible. But is it right to pinpoint our hectic work life as the true cause of a strained relationship?

Is your work stress affecting your relationship?

Relationships require time and effort, but if you don't have the energy to deal with your partner in the first place it is easy for the relationship to feel one-sided. A moody, irritable and uninterested partner can easily incite tension and fuel unwanted conflict in a relationship. This could shatter a once healthy bond.

If you think it couldn’t get any worse, cortisol, the stress hormone, is released when you're burned out or stressed. This lowers your sex drive and can potentially ruin your sex life.

Everyone needs to blow off some steam every once in a while, and unloading pent-up frustration from work-life could be a healthy thing. But if your work problems are the topic of discussion 7 days of the week, being on the receiving end of these daily rants may be hard on your partner.

If you find yourself endlessly complaining about work-life problems, there may be an underlying issue that needs to be solved. Taking on a constructive approach with your partner, by discussing and attempting to pinpoint the root cause of your distress may not only alleviate your work stress, but it could also strengthen your relationship when solving the issue as a team.

We’re all human
Realise that we all have our own struggles in life. More often than not, your partner will be able to relate to your problem in his or her own way. Listening to your partner's struggles along with sharing your own, can build unity, improve communication and increase empathy between the both of you.

Although it may be hard to improve your situation at work, there are other ways you could cope and improve your relationship for the better. Remember that your partner is there to uplift you and hold your hand through tough times! If the relationship feels rocky, trying relationship counselling may help! Alternatively meditating or using relaxation techniques could help to lower your stress. Occasional date nights as your little getaway from work may not only relieve stress but may reignite that spark you once had for your partner.



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