Sex After Birth May Be Better Than You Think

If you’re a new mother or a mother-to-be, one of your worries of motherhood may be how your sex life may be affected by pregnancy. Is it going to hurt? Will it be awkward? Do I even remember how to do it? Pregnancy can cause most women to undergo a lot of hormonal and physical changes. The most common issues women face may include, vaginal dryness, loss of vagina elasticity, low libido and soreness.shutterstock_1447200812.jpg

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This is why doctors recommend most couples to wait 4-6 weeks after pregnancy before sexual activity can resume once again. If this does worry you enough, you may have heard stories of how the hustle and bustle of parenting have led to the extinction of several couple’s sex life, or perhaps how pregnancy may ‘loosen’ the vagina, making sex less pleasurable.

However, when a small survey was conducted on whether lovemaking was less or more enjoyable after pregnancy, 60% of those surveyed said that postpartum sex was in fact, more enjoyable and had new vitality. You might be probably wondering how, so we’ll dive into some of the reasons why!

Improved Communication
An important factor to achieve passionate and enjoyable love-making is communication. Pregnancy can be an incredibly transformative period for many couples. If a couple is developing deeper bonds and growing closer during pregnancy, increased compassion for each other can easily lead to an increase in sexual desire and mutual satisfaction.

The Long Wait During Pregnancy
During pregnancy, fewer couples indulge in sex, especially during the third trimester where sex can be painful. Furthermore, right after pregnancy, a couple takes a recovery period before they can start love-making again. Having not had sex for a long period of time can increase sexual desire between the two, potentially making sex more pleasurable once the doctor deems its safe to do so.

Physical & Hormonal Changes
Postpartum will cause mothers to feel different. Certain physical changes may discourage the enjoyability of sexual intercourse, but there are some aspects that can enhance your sexual experience. According to a clinical sexologist Kat Van Kirk, some studies show that ‘nerve compression from the trauma of birth may increase a woman’s orgasmic sensitivity positively’.

She also points out that if you do kegel exercises, post-partum, things may increase your vaginal muscle control, increasing the intensity of orgasms. Furthermore, the spike of growth hormones during pregnancy may increase the number of nerve endings in your clitoris, leading to more frequent orgasms.

Motherhood and pregnancy may be a daunting phase to get by, but taking the right steps and worrying less can help make it an enjoyable period too! Postpartum recovery is important so make sure you consult your doctor first before getting it on once again. All in all, you can check sex off your list of worries, reassured your sex life will resume to normal, and may even better!




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