Why Home Cooking Beats Takeout

Cooking may seem like a daunting task especially if you're a busy person. Choosing takeout over home-cooked food on a busy day is a no brainer for some. However, there are still many reasons to choose home-cooked food over takeouts.shutterstock_725914285.jpg

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Ordering an effortless tasty takeout after a long tiring day is a no brainer for some. Well, that’s until you read your takeout meal's ridiculously high-calorie content. One can no longer shamelessly gobble up a 1000 calorie meal without feeling any guilt. But besides the guilt, here’s why home cooking beats takeout on almost every aspect.


The cooking experience is unmatched

Dining at your favourite restaurant or ordering takeout may be great but have you tried making cooking fun? Not everyone enjoys cooking but if done right, it’s a fun and satisfying experience. You’ll soon know why people use cooking as therapy. Cooking can help you de-stress along with giving you a sense of fulfilment after finally cooking a delicious meal. With the busy lives some of us lead, bonding with your loved one or partner over-preparing food is a memorable experience. 


You know yourself better than anyone

No matter where you order from, no one can know your exact preferences. With home cooking, you can cook your food the way you like it. This takes personalization to the next level. It may be hard at first especially if you haven’t honed your cooking skills yet. Home cooking doesn’t have to be bland and boring. There’s no turning back once you can get creative and make what’s on your mind just by imagining all the flavours. 


Home cooking is healthier

Takeout meals are usually dense in calories. A single takeout meal can easily cross the 1000 calorie line which is about half your daily recommended calorie intake. Cooking on your own also means you get to control your portion size which means you probably won't overeat. One study found that people who cook tend to have a healthier diet. Home-cooked food is also more likely to be nutritionally balanced while takeaways can lack certain food groups like fish, vegetables and dairy depending on what you order.


You can save time

Cooking doesn't have to take long. In fact, it might actually save you some time. There are certain foods that only find their way into our plates because they're convenient. But what if home-cooked food can be convenient too? The internet is full of fast and convenient recipes. A quick and simple nutritious meal can take less time to prepare than waiting for an order. Leftovers can also help you get through busy days when you can't cook!


If you’re stuck between cooking at home or ordering takeout and you view home cooking as a chore then you’ll probably pick a takeout since it’s more convenient. Stop looking at cooking like it’s a chore. Cooking can be fast, enjoyable and convenient if you want it to!





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