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I have been having low hb and extremely low iron. Can i get any advice on the diet i should have? Is it common to do regular iron infusion?

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  1. Dr Nitish Mishra
  2. Endocrinologist
  3. 04 Mar 2021
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Hello, Iron is important component of Hemoglobin and hence very low iron often results in low Hemoglobin as well. I presume you have seen a doctor to identify the cause of low iron levels which may need Scans and/or Scopes. Diet alone will take a long time to improve your iron levels and you may benefit from a combination of diet and oral replacement of iron. Generally we recommend red meat, Green leafy vegetables like spinach , foods fortified with iron like some breakfast cereals. Remember Vitamin C helps in dietary iron absorption so keep taking the oranges and olives. Iron infusion is usually reserved for those who are not responding to oral therapy or in those where a quick increase in levels are needed.

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  2. 04 Mar 2021
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Thanks! This is indeed useful for me. especially the part on Vit C.

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