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Posted by User | 2021-03-08 | Mental health

I am not sure if I need professional help. I am constantly worrying of everything. During work when things are completed, I worried that it was not done properly and there might be repercussions. My mind is heavy very often. 

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  1. Dr Annabelle Chow
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  3. 10 Mar 2021
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The first thing I would say is that worry and doubt are natural responses we face in our daily life!

Worrying about not meeting a deadline, the progress of an ongoing task or delivering a presentation is a common fear or worry response in workplace settings. However, if you are worrying to the point that you feel significantly affects your well-being or quality of life, you might need to seek help from a mental health professional.

One psychological strategy you might wish to try before you do is something we call "worry time". You may wish to schedule 10 or 15 minutes of your day to allow yourself to worry.

First, identify all the tasks or items that are within your “sphere of influence”; essentially, matters that you can do something about. You may not always be able to control or determine the outcome, but you can take steps to influence or alter the outcome. Identify what needs to be done and complete those tasks. You’ll start to feel a whole lot better once you make a checklist and be able to tick them off. Then tell yourself this: “there are always going to be things that are not within my influence (your “sphere of concern”)”. Allow yourself to worry about these concerns, acknowledging that you've already done all that you can to address these concerns.

After the scheduled worry time is up, try and continue your day with a fresh mind!

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