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Resolved Exercises but for the Mind

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jaime ls
| 2021-04-01 | Mental health

I recently watched a video and the person was drawing an analogy between physical and mental health, explaining that just like how we exercise and eat well to keep healthy physically, the same is needed to keep healthy mentally. She went on to talk about self care (I see it everywhere now) but like, does reading a book, going for walks really help?

Apart from self care, what are other things I can do? I do sports all the time, I (try to) watch my diet, what can I do for my mental health? And how frequently must I do it?

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  1. Dr Annabelle Chow
  2. Psychologist
  3. 02 Apr 2021
  4. Expert
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There are many ways to keep the mind healthy. We may engage in various physical, emotional or social self-care activities to soothe the mind. While exercising/doing sports is a way to keep the mind active and healthy, you may want to try journaling your thoughts down.

Mindful writing is a way to communicate your feelings or thoughts through writing.  Certain days may warrant overwhelming thoughts, and it may be challenging to shut these thoughts down. Penning these thoughts down will allow you to feel more present in the moment, and while doing so, you are emptying your mind and releasing your worries into words. You also become aware of what you are writing as the thoughts flow. The content of writing need not be as much; you can choose to pen down anything that occurred during your day. The goal is to free your mind from overcrowding thoughts, and in return, it keeps your mind healthy.

You may choose to allocate 30-60minutes each day, doing mindful writing. After the scheduled time is up, you may decide to revisit and address those pen-down thoughts the next day.

  1. Shi Pei Tay
  2. 07 Apr 2021
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I recently started verbalizing my thoughts and recording it down. I don't do it everyday, but when I do, somehow I do feel better. Like I just let it out, and while doing that also bounce the thoughts off myself and reflect.

But it's definitely cringey to play back and listen to my own voice la :x

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