Wish to lose weight and have tried numerous methods such as exercising more often and cutting down on my food intake. However, the effects do not seem obvious. Saw that the keto diet is more effective. Is it true and can I try the keto diet?

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  1. Suzanne
  2. Dietician
  3. 17 Dec 2020
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The Ketogenic diet is being used increasingly for weight loss as it does have dramatic effects in the short term. However, due to the low carbohydrate content of this diet, there are some side effects that can occur including fatigue, light headedness, irritability, anxiety and flu-like symptoms. It can be high in saturated fat and cholesterol if the fat composition is not adjusted. Medically, the ketogenic diet has been proven to be an effective treatment for epilepsy in children. In my line of work, I have seen many kids with epilepsy who have reduced or gone off epilepsy medication, while being controlled on the ketogenic diet. The Ketogenic diet should only be embarked on with the help of a specialty trained ketogenic diet dietitian.

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