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I have always wondered like what is the point of life, of living. And recently, I don't just wonder, I actually feel it. Like, I was early for a dinner date and sitting in the park, listening to music (How do you feel? by The Maine) and all of a sudden, I just started crying and couldn't stop. Like why rush for the work deadline? Why work till so late? For what? I know I am not depressed or suicidal or anything, but like what is happening to me?

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  3. 28 Dec 2020
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We have all contemplated the meaning of life from time to time, especially if we are under stress, feel burnt out, or have no motivation.

There are many reasons that might lead to a loss in motivation. Accumulated stress over long periods of time or being overwhelmed by recent incidents or events that cause stress are two such reasons. Events might include major life changes such as the loss of a loved one, retrenchment, or burnout.

While we might not be able to control every outcome around us, we have control over how we make sense of the things that are happening around us. Reframing our perspectives to recognise the value in doing certain things might help to reignite the motivation we had lost.

For instance, rushing for work deadlines from time to time are part and parcel of modern work life. If we constantly assign negative thoughts and emotions to the vicissitudes of life and work, we may become unmotivated and feel dreadful. We can learn to accept that things like stress and pressures at work are an inalienable part of reality and to remind ourselves of why we are working so hard in the first place. For example, working diligently might reflect values that we deem important to ourselves such as being responsible and hardworking. Therefore, recognising and believing in the values of working diligently might serve as a motivation to persevere. As a result, shifting our perspectives and identifying the values of doing certain things (and what that says about you as a person) can be useful to keep us going. (Of course, if you find yourself trapped in an endless cycle of impossible deadlines and combatting job stressors, perhaps it might be the job and not you!).

The loss of motivation in life is a mental health concern if it is prolonged or coupled with unhelpful thinking behaviours and suicidal ideations. It can also be concerning if there was no particular trigger for this loss in motivation. In such instances, consider consulting a mental health professional.

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