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Resolved Menstrual cup usage

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Emily Choo
| 2021-02-28 | General health

Anyone uses the menstrual cup before and able to share the experience? How do you know it is time to change and secondly, how do you wash it in the public toilet without making a mess.

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  1. Wendi Lai
  2. 04 Mar 2021
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Hello Emily! 

Personally I have never used a menstrual cup before, but I had a friend share her experience with me. She said you can feel it once it fills up (which is every few hours if you're on a heavy flow) and what she does is actually go to handicapped toilets to pour it out and rinse it. Whilst that part of the mentrual cup is not ideal, she swears by it in terms of safety and assurance - that she can just get on with her day without worries of leakages. She also sanitizes it by boiling the cup. Hope this helps!

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