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Resolved Visiting a psychologist with my child

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| 2020-12-28 | Mental health

Are parents able to sit in with their children during the sessions?

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  1. Kimberly Chew
  2. Psychologist
  3. 28 Dec 2020
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Parents can sit in with their children during the beginning of the first session (e.g first 10 minutes of the first session) to understand the parameters of therapy and what therapy is like. During this period, parents can share their concerns and/or queries about therapy. From time to time, psychologists may also involve parents in therapy by explaining the treatment plan and how they can support their children.

However, following the beginning of the 1st session, parents are not encouraged to sit in during individual therapy sessions. Therapy is meant to provide a safe space for clients, and this extends to the child as well. Information provided by the child to the psychologist will also be kept confidential and will not be told to the parent unless permission is given by the child.

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