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Resolved We are what we eat

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| 2021-04-13 | Mental health

If we are what we eat, will the type of digital content we consume affect the person we become? ? 


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  1. Vanessa Heng
  2. Psychologist
  3. 14 Apr 2021
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Numerous contents are posted daily on social media, and some of these contents may fuel various kinds of emotions and thoughts.

The stream of interaction provided by social media can alter the way we perceive information. Certain types of digital content (for example, if we are looking at a series of emotional posts) may evoke emotional responses. As a result, we could either feel disturbed or uncomfortable with what we had just viewed. However, where there are tangible results of digital content being harmful to us, certain types of content have their advantages. Watching pets or comedy videos may elicit joy in us, or reading quotes posted by different accounts may allow us to feel comforted.

Hence, it is always important to surf the internet mindfully and be aware of the kind of content we are browsing through.

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