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Resolved Weird Abdomen Pains

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Wanting Seow
| 2021-02-04 | General health

I have always experienced this sharp pain in my abdomen / womb area. It comes more often before or after my period. The pain can be described as pressure / bloatedness building up from the bottom of the womb, travelling upwards with increasing pressure, up to a point where I can no longer move. It feels like I’m paralysed momentarily as it hurts too much. It usually disappears after the sharp pain is over (I kind of know when it’s going to be over as I have experienced this throughout my whole life) 

Is this worrying?

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  1. Dr Lim Min Yu
  2. Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
  3. 04 Feb 2021
  4. Expert
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I'm sorry to hear that you have been having pain. It sounds as though this pain is associated with your menstrual periods. Conditions such as endometriosis can cause pain on a cyclical basis. I would suggest that you see a gynaecologist to get this checked out further.

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