Can I approach healthcare professionals from either fields if I have queries about my diet, the nutritional value of the food that I consume, vitamins and medications etc?

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  1. Suzanne
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  3. 17 Dec 2020
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As a dietitian, I get this question a lot. Dietitians are healthcare professionals who assess the nutritional status of patients based on their disease condition, taking into consideration their medical history, lab investigations and health status. They are professionally trained in medical nutrition therapy and are qualified to provide nutrition counselling to all individuals (healthy population or patients). Dietitians are required to have undergone a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, with clinical placement in a hospital as part of their degree. Dietitians can also work in health promotion and disease prevention.

Dietitians should be registered with the Dietetics association of their country of work; i.e. in Singapore it should be the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association.

Nutritionists should hold a Bachelor's degree in Nutrition, but are not involved in clinical work in a hospital/ clinic setting. Nutritionists typically work in Community Nutrition with the healthy population or in health promotion.

‘Health coaches’ or ‘Nutrition Coaches’ promote themselves as nutrition experts, but are not regulated, nor are they required to have a formal degree in dietetics or nutrition.

Do ask anyone who claims to be a dietitian or nutritionist what is their qualification and clinical training to ensure they are legitimate allied healthcare professionals.

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