Resolved What is the Low FODMAP diet?

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| 2020-12-16 | Nutrition

Want to put less stress on my digestive system, and I found the Low FODMAP diet, which I thought could be helpful. What is the Low FODMAP diet?

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  1. Suzanne
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  3. 17 Dec 2020
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The Low FODMAP diet is a clinically proven treatment option for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Contrary to popular belief, the generic Low FODMAP diet is a temporary diet (not to be followed long-term or indefinitely).

The Low FODMAP diet is moderately restrictive and you may face some nutrient deficiencies or weight loss if you are not monitored by a trained professional.

The aim of the 3-stage diet is that you will be aware of the component of FODMAP that you are unable to tolerate and have a better idea of what to avoid to keep your gut healthy. Your specialty trained dietitian will work out an individualized diet plan for you to meet your nutritional needs.

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