Egg Freezing

Posted by User | 2021-05-30 | General health
I understand that egg freezing in Singapore is all...

Is Alcohol a Trigger for Hot Flush

Posted by User | 2021-04-19 | General health
Does anyone feel that they get hot flashes when th...

Hair around nipple

Posted by
Nicole D
| 2021-03-31 | General health
I noticed a few strands of hair around my nipples ...

Kid’s Stool

Posted by User | 2021-03-24 | General health
Hi there, my kid (4 months old baby) stool has bee...

Chest tightness

Posted by User | 2021-03-17 | General health
I have been having chest tightness for more than 2...

Memory Degradation after Pregnancy

Posted by
jaime ls
| 2021-03-10 | General health
I heard from a few friends they felt that after pr...

Turning 30 and need advice!

Posted by
| 2021-03-05 | General health
I'm turning 30 this year and I'm curious to know i...

Brownish discharge after sex

Posted by User | 2021-03-04 | General health
What causes brownish discharge even though I am no...

Can I have regular iron infusion for low iron?

Posted by User | 2021-02-24 | General health
I have been having low hb and extremely low iron. ...

Menstrual cup usage

Posted by
Emily Choo
| 2021-02-28 | General health
Anyone uses the menstrual cup before and able to s...
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