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Resolved Kid’s Stool

Posted by User | 2021-03-24 | General health

Hi there, my kid (4 months old baby) stool has been soft and liquid-like for more than one week. Thus, we would like to ask whether is this normal ? 

He took the third vaccination in the first week of March and thus we are worry about it.



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  1. User
  2. 26 Mar 2021
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When my girl got her immunisation jab, she had watery stool for about 2-3 days, with slight fever. We were not exactly worried as our pd has pre-empted us of such side effects.

Is your boy having persistent fever or unusual stool colour? Otherwise, i wouldn't be too worried :)

  1. Keith Tan
  2. 27 Mar 2021
Hi hi, we do know that he ought to have water stool for a couple of days but this has stretched till now. His stool colour is normal and he is behaving like any other babies. Thus, we are thinking that there maybe something unrelated to the vaccination.
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