Understanding Planned and Unplanned Pregnancy Loss by Vernessa Chuah

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Every parent looks forward to holding their child after nine months of anticipation. But sometimes life don’t happen the way we want it to be. 

Pregnancy loss is an emotionally challenging journey which some parents have to tread, often due to unforeseen circumstances. Unplanned pregnancy loss can be a traumatic experience while a planned pregnancy loss is also a choice no parents ever want to make. Pregnancy loss can be a lonely and upsetting experience. Unfortunately, it's one that many women experience. 

So how does one deal with the loss of their unborn child? How can couples support each other during this trying period? 

In this Nectar Circle, we will be speaking with Pregnancy Loss Coach, Vernessa Chuah, on pregnancy loss and how to cope with it. Pregnancy loss is apparently a common phenomenon but a stigma that most people try to avoid. If you have any questions or have gone through a similar experience, do consider joining this session to learn more about how you can support yourself and your partner, or even a friend, better through this difficult journey. 

About the Speaker:

Vernessa is a pregnancy loss coach passionate about learning and sharing. Having gone through three pregnancy losses herself, her vulnerability has inspired her to help women who are going through pregnancy loss, or who are working to heal from it. 

She strongly believes in supporting women through their miscarriage, abortion and infertility journeys. She holds a pregnancy loss circle for the community, and guides women to move forward with the trauma, grief and loss. 

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